Author: Dee Nand

I’ll Never Get Married (But That’s Not The Whole Story)

When people hear that Damien and I have been together for 8+ years, the first questions they ask are: “Getting Married Soon?” “Marriage on the cards?” “Why aren’t you married?” My insides get filled with internal eye-rolls and deep disappointment. But why should it be? Isn’t that a normal question? Sure it is. But the whole concept of marriage to me is bewildering. Maybe it’s because growing up, I never saw a happy marriage I wanted to emulate. Or maybe because the idea of making a commitment that’s a delusional lie irritates the hell out of me. How can...

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Too Much Pressure On Myself – Is it Necessary?

Being taught that women can do anything has created pressure to do everything. Running a household and career Being the good cook A good CEO Keeping your man happy Your body fit It’s exhausting just thinking about it. Something has to give. And it always does. I feel like for years all I’ve done is push myself: Went to gym everyday and pushed me to do it Run a half marathon Fasted for a week Vegan for 2 years Push myself to create businesses Spent too much money on the house/car etc And you would think that all of...

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2018 New Year’s Resolution To End All New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Eve are one of the two times in the year I become more aware of time. The other is my birthday. My birthday was recently in March and May is around the time that everyone loses sight of their New Year’s resolutions so I thought this was the perfect time to bring out this article. Every year I think about: – How my year has passed and feel sad about how fast it has gone. – How my life is progressing and lament about how quickly I’m ageing. – What’s missing in my life and how time...

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Reasons I Love You (Appreciation For My Boyfriend Damien)

I am told often that I do not need a man, that everything can be done without them. A man’s role has become obsolete. Because there are some fundamental issues with that sentiment, I’d prefer to talk about some of the ways a man has shaped me into the woman I am today. That man is Damien, my partner of over 8 years. This is my ode to a great man and his value in a woman’s life. Probably the closest thing to a love letter I could ever muster. Here are all the reasons he showed me who...

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Separate Bedrooms – Is it Smart Or Bad For Relationships?

A house can get very small if you’re living in one bedroom. I learnt this the hard way. My boyfriend and I have lived together for 7 years. In the last year, we decided to trial separate bedrooms because I suspected he was the reason I was sleeping badly (he rolls around a lot). We initially weren’t too excited about the idea because you know; the affection, cuddling and whatnot before bed was important to us. We decided to trial it for a month. After 1 week, we could see how awesome separate living situations were and we never...

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