Author: Dee Nand

How important is sex in a relationship?

I’ve recently come to the realisation that focus on sex in relationships is stupid. We create constant inadequacy by telling couples how much they should be having sex, for how long and how exciting it should be. All things that make no sense actually. I suppose this is how magazines get sold – by creating insecurity and enough shame that no one can openly talk about it. I’ve been in a relationships for 8 years in which some of the time we were in an open relationship. Sex was important in the early days to establish connection. I completely...

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Patience is a virtue because it will make you rich

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt recently is the value of patience. Especially with business. My first product business idea failed because I didn’t want to save up money to buy tooling for manufacturing. My second business sky-rocketed and made great profits within 3 months. But it never got much bigger after that and I lost interest. My third online directory business cost a lot of money and failed because I lost interest. I wrote a book in 19 days that won bronze medal in a UK book prize but never went anywhere because I worked so hard...

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Should Men Still Pay For Dates?

I’ve realised the whole issue isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be. I used to be someone who was very 50:50 on dates because as an independent woman, of course that’s what should happen. If I couldn’t afford a date, I wouldn’t go. I was repulsed at the idea that a guy would pay for me and then I’d be obligated to ‘covert contracts’ I never agreed to like: I have to hang out with him again Or I should kiss/sleep/other with him Or I have to spend one more minute than I want to Ew....

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I’ll Never Get Married (But That’s Not The Whole Story)

When people hear that Damien and I have been together for 8+ years, the first questions they ask are: “Getting Married Soon?” “Marriage on the cards?” “Why aren’t you married?” My insides get filled with internal eye-rolls and deep disappointment. But why should it be? Isn’t that a normal question? Sure it is. But the whole concept of marriage to me is bewildering. Maybe it’s because growing up, I never saw a happy marriage I wanted to emulate. Or maybe because the idea of making a commitment that’s a delusional lie irritates the hell out of me. How can...

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Too Much Pressure On Myself – Is it Necessary?

Being taught that women can do anything has created pressure to do everything. Running a household and career Being the good cook A good CEO Keeping your man happy Your body fit It’s exhausting just thinking about it. Something has to give. And it always does. I feel like for years all I’ve done is push myself: Went to gym everyday and pushed me to do it Run a half marathon Fasted for a week Vegan for 2 years Push myself to create businesses Spent too much money on the house/car etc And you would think that all of...

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