Here are 30 printable cards for my all time favourite game

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

I found that new players had trouble remembering their roles so I designed cards with the roles on them to make it easier for newbies to play.


One Night Werewolf Card Size: A4

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf Cards Print & Play 1


One Night Ultimate Cards Print & Play 2


Werewolf Cards 3

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Roles:

Werewolf (2): Your role is to not get caught. At night, open your eyes and look for other werewolves. If there’s only one werewolf, look at one of the center cards.

Minion: Your role is to protect the werewolves at all cost. At night, the werewolves will put their thumbs up so you can see who they are. They do not know that you are the minion. If you die, you win.

Mason (2): Your role is simply to verify yourself and the other Mason in the game. You will wake up and see the other Mason. If you do not see another Mason, then a Mason card is in the center.

Seer: At night the player gets to see another player’s card or two of the cards in the center.

Robber: At night, the robber swaps his card with another player and gets to see his new card. The robber then becomes his new role in the day.

Troublemaker: At night, the troublemaker switches the cards of two other players without looking at any cards.

Drunk: The drunk exchanges his card with a card in the center and does not look at it. He’s drunk so he has no idea which role he is.

Insomniac: The insomniac wakes up and looks at his card. The insomniac gets to see if his card has been switched during the night. This person is the only person sure of which role they’re playing.

Villager (3): The villager has no special ability other than they are the good guys also working towards catching the werewolves.

Hunter: If the hunter gets killed, the person he’s pointing at gets killed as well. This gives the villagers an extra chance to catch the werewolf.

Tanner: The Tanner wants to die and only wins if he does. The tanner is on a team of his own.

Sentinel: At night, the Sentinel shields another player’s card by placing a token on top of the card.This prevents anyone from viewing or moving that player’s card including the player themselves.

Doppelgänger: The Doppelganger gets to see another player’s card and takes on that role. He could end up being on either team and adds a new complication to the game.

Alpha Wolf: The Alpha Wolf turns another player into a werewolf by exchanging the centre werewolf card with any other player’s card except his own or another werewolf’s.

Mystic Wolf: The Mystic Wolf wakes up and sees the other werewolves. He then wakes up separately and gets to look at another player’s card.

Apprentice Seer: The Apprentice Seer wakes up and looks at one of the cards in the center.

Paranormal Investigator: The Paranormal Investigator sees two other player’s cards. If at any point, he sees a Werewolf or Tanner card, he must stop looking at any more cards and become that role respectively.

Witch: The Witch wakes up and sees a card in the center. He then swaps this card with any player’s card (even his own) and places it in the center without seeing that player’s card.

Village Idiot: The Village Idiot can move all players cards one place to the left or right. He cannot move is own card, the center cards or any cards with a token on them.

Revealer: The Revealer can flip one player’s card face up. If he sees a Tanner or Werewolf card, he must flip it back over. The revealer only gets to see one card.

Dream Wolf: The Dream Wolf does not wake up with the other Werewolves but sticks out his thumb so the other Werewolves know who he is. He does not know who the other Werewolves are.

Bodyguard: Whoever the Bodyguard points at cannot be killed. If the person that the bodyguard is protecting gets the most votes, the person with the second-most votes dies.

Aura Seer: The Aura Seer gets to see those that have moved or viewed a card during the night. Those that have moved or viewed a card will stick out their thumb for the Aura Seer.

Prince: The prince cannot be killed. If he gets the most votes, the player with the second-most votes gets killed.

Cursed: The Cursed is on the Village team but if a Werewolf votes for him, he instantly becomes a Werewolf.

Curator: The Curator places a random face-down artefact token on any player’s card (even his own) without looking at it. He cannot place an artefact token on any card with a shield on it.