New Year’s Eve are one of the two times in the year I become more aware of time. The other is my birthday.

My birthday was recently in March and May is around the time that everyone loses sight of their New Year’s resolutions so I thought this was the perfect time to bring out this article.

Every year I think about:

– How my year has passed and feel sad about how fast it has gone.
– How my life is progressing and lament about how quickly I’m ageing.
– What’s missing in my life and how time is running out.
– What I need to do to get to my goal and how sad I am that I’m not there already.

Then I go ahead and create New Year’s Resolutions to fix all that sh*t.

I think about what’s most important and usually it’s:

– I need to lose weight
– I need to make more money
– I need to live life more
– I need to save more money
– I need to spend more time living in the moment

All things most people make their goals.

But this year has been different.

I don’t feel the need to do any of these things *next* year.


Because this year, I finally took steps to live the life I wanted.

Every other year I felt like I was planning to live this life, planning to be on a tropical island with great people.

– Planning to lose weight
– Planning to live life
– Planning to get away
– Planning to make money

Planning, planning, planning…

Because the truth is most of my New Year’s Resolutions don’t last more than 3 months.

The monotony of life gets in the way and I lose sight of all the things I was meant to accomplish until the next New Year (or birthday).

This is the cycle I’ve always lived by.

For the first time ever I feel like I’m living the life I was meant to live.

I’m not postponing anymore and that’s why a new year doesn’t feel like time is running away from me.

I don’t feel sad about getting older…

In fact, getting older makes me feel indifferent which seems significant, especially as a woman. I don’t feel good or bad about it. It just is what it is.

But I can do the best I can with the time I DO have.

This is where I’m meant to be – I’m finding my independence, making mistakes I would never have allowed myself to make before and feeling things I’ve never allowed myself to feel.

I’m becoming more human, more forgiving, more fun, more relaxed and more whole as a person. I’m loving who I am right now and I’m incredibly grateful to the people that have allowed this to occur.

My new year’s resolution is:

Make my life so awesome this year that:

I don’t need a New Year’s Resolution Next Year.
I’m not disappointed at the trajectory of my life every time a new year or birthday comes around.
I can make mistakes, take risks and do the things I need to be doing.

Everything’s else is total bulls#*t. I know it and you know it.