Hi, I’m Dee!

This is the facial expression I like to think best describes me – playful & devious with a hint of challenge

I see myself as genetically privileged.

New Years Eve 2014

But I do have a tendency to get fat

2017 – Launch party with Nancy & Ann

I’ve been in a relationship since 2009

Since I was 20 years old

But we’ve struggled a lot – commitment issues, affairs, open relationships, breaks; seems like everything at this point

My biggest problem in this relationship was finding the love of my life at 20 years old – too young!

I was born in Fiji with Indian ancestry, raised in Sydney, Australia

My parents are Hindu

But I’m not culturally or religiously inclined, though I respect my family’s beliefs. I’m Australian!

You might say I’m a Hin-don’t – get it?

I’m a Digital Nomad which means I work online and live in different countries

My in-flight kit (I’m a bad flyer)

But I still crave the stability that having a home and roots bring

The Nand family – 1998

I’ve accomplished a lot in my life on paper

Wrote an award-winning book in 19 days.

Cofounded a dating education business at 20 y/o.

Sold said company at 23 y/o.

Started travelling fulltime at 26 y/o

  • Bali 1 year
  • Thailand 8 months
  • Colombia 3 months

Ran the largest event for singles in Sydney, Australia

Worked at a law firm for 3 years, whilst attending law school. Proudly dropped out to start my own business.

But I don’t feel accomplished

I often get tired, burnt out and spend months in bed after pushing myself too hard.

This blog is about remembering great experiences

Playing in the snow (big deal for Australians) – New York, United States

This blog is about holding myself accountable

Stress eating – Playa Dorado, Dominican Republic

And Solving Me!

In the most real, vulnerable way possible

Check out my daily blog post, filled with bad puns and kindergarten level drawings.

Join in the conversation, who knows? It may help you too…

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