I'm Solving Me
  • I’m a commitment phobe that has been in a relationship for >8 years.
  • I travel the world permanently yet I desperately seek stability and order.
  • I love understanding manipulation & power & hate people who can’t be real & true to themselves.
  • I go from doing impressive things to burning out, in bed feeling completely inadequate.
 And because you really want to know what’s impressive about me, I’ve added a list below:

I cofounded a dating education company

when I was 20 years old (yes I’m a proud law school dropout) which became Australia’s biggest. I was marketing director and learnt about people’s deepest insecurities. This and my own dating experience gives me enough insight to talk about stupid shit people do when it comes to dating.

I’ve been in a relationship for over 8 years

Yes that’s most of my adult life. You’ll hear about my boyfriend Damien a lot here and you’ll hear about my self-destructive tendencies, affairs, breaking up, open relationships, commitment issues, business partnership disasters and my general stupidity in relationships. I’ve learnt so much as I’ve adulted in this relationship that I have a lot to say.

I know about yo-yo life-ing

You’ve heard of yo-yo dieting and I do it with everything. I get excited about work for a few months, then lose motivation and bottom out. Same with exercise. Same with my relationship. With everything really. I’ve learnt a bunch of strategies to prevent burnout and stop being so stupid.

I’m travelling permanently

Over the last few years, Damien and I travel all around the world. We call ourselves ‘slowmads’ – nomads who travel the world slowly and really get to know a place before moving on. We spent a year in Bali, 6 months in Thailand and 6 months in Medellin to name a few. It was always the goal of mine and it’s not all rosy. I’ve learnt a lot of about my need for stability, support network and consistency.

I know about trauma

I was born in a poor town in the island of Fiji and came to Australia when I was 8 years old. I know what poverty really looks like. I also know about tight-nit cultures and the abuse that is cultivated silently. I have seen firsthand how much anger can ruin my life – I used to get black-out anger where I did not remember anything. I realised I needed to learn to let go or I would end up in jail.

I'll tell you about manipulation

I grew up in a manipulative household. I know instinctively when I am being controlled. I’m a huge believer that people need to learn how to lie, cheat and manipulate so that they know exactly when it’s happening to them. This is why I love playing party games like werewolf which is all about deceiving in a setting where everyone knows you’re doing it.

I have cool wins

I wrote an award-winning book in 19 days. Unbelievable but true. There’s an award-winning cocktail invented in Bali called ‘Dee’s chocolate nipples’ – if you ask for it in Ubud Bali, chances are someone will know what you’re talking about. I competed in a live Lip Sync Battle where, with zero performance ability, my strategy was to mostly be half naked (I came in fourth).

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