Author: Dee Nand

Don’t Buy Business Coaching – What You Need Now Will Blow Your Mind

When I first started going into business, I made a lot of mistakes. Lost a lot of money. Especially on business coaches. As most business owners do. Over time, you learn from your mistakes and strive. But you’re always a bit salty about how much you had to lose. That money could have gone into things that could have made us richer now. Or fun things that could have made us happy. I understand I paid for the education. I get it… I needed to learn the lessons. But after 9 years, I’m starting to wonder if making huge...

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How To Comfort Someone (or how not to)

TEARS FEARS I’m sad to say this. I haven’t figured out how to comfort someone who is crying. One of the biggest fears I have is someone crying to me. As in full on tears, balling. Isn’t that so weird? For someone who writes a blog about emotions and coaches others on them, you’d think I would be perfectly comfortable with tears. But no, I’m not. I grew up in a household where tears were not okay. You got in more trouble if you cried too long. So we learnt to keep it in. And release them privately. This...

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Believe it or not, I get a lot of joy out of smelling food I can’t eat, especially bad sugary food. It gives me the fantasy of eating without the calories. And it really does hit a pleasure center in your brain, once you train it. It does however create some weird looks with people that have no idea what I’m doing to their food! All good, I ask permission now. In this picture I’m sniffing cotton candy coffee, which to my disappointment doesn’t have much scent....

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What They Don’t Tell You About Getting Old

OLD WAR So how does this work? As I’m getting older, I’m starting to become more confused about what my best-case scenario is. As a woman that is. Ok so I find the love of my life and settle down with them. Maybe bang out a couple of kids. Cool, so now I have a family that cares about me. Cool Cool… Good so far. But then over time, who am I? My physical attractiveness will start to decline. I’ll no longer feel sexy. Over time, my partner will probably love me to bits but won’t find me physically...

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I Don’t Trust Women

WOMEN NIGHTMARES I admit I don’t trust women and feminine energy as long as I can remember. My tipping point was when I was hurt by my close female friends in high school. So much so that I seriously contemplated suicide. Crazy huh? It was the only time in my life I ever thought about that. It was the end of Year 10 – I was 15 years old. I hung out with a bunch of girls whom I thought I was very close to. One of my girlfriends Jemima had been in love with a guy for a...

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