Author: Dee Nand

Hate, Actually

You know, I often think about the idea we all have of that one couple that have been together all their life and manage to still be in love. You know the couple I’m talking about – the old couple cuddling on a park bench that you may have seen one time. Or maybe your grandparents quietly eating breakfast together in so much comfort that no words need to be said. Whatever the idea we all have about relationships – we have this goal. To grow old together. To have someone on your death bed. To be a team...

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The Insecurity Files

There’s so much I want to do with my life. I’ve been trying to find my feet. It’s been 9 years since I left law school. And in that time, I’ve accomplished a bunch of things. Maybe more than most. Maybe not.. I can’t measure where I’m at in my life. Am I on the right track? Had I done the traditional thing, I would know where I am right now. Had I finished law school, started working at Gaden’s law firm as a solicitor, bought a house, gotten into investments, maybe marriage and kids… I would know how...

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I’m Irrational, Sue Me

Ahh, my period. I thought I was growing out of the pain, the cramps and the vulnerability. Every other day, I feel motivated and excited to accomplish my goals. Today, I feel jealous. Jealous that I’m not a man. Every other day, I love my life. Today, I want to be someone else. It’s so frustrating. I’ve spent the last month creating habits. Going to gym. Writing. Heading to events, meeting people. I’ve felt healthier than I’ve been in ages. Then Damien, my boyfriend went back to Sydney and I feel the universe is punishing me. I haven’t had...

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Let’s Friend The Night Together

As my apartment has started feeling empty without my boyfriend Damien, I’m surprised to learn I don’t feel as lonely as I might have. I’ve spent much of the last days with new and old friends. Which got me thinking… Before I decided to start travelling, I didn’t make many new friends. A handful since high school, and that’s being generous. And one of the biggest reasons I loved being in Bali was how easy it was to be social. Every nomad traveller is mostly without their families and friends. So everyone’s invested in making connections and creating rent-a-families...

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Great Friendspectations

And he left today. And I’m left with a mixture of optimism and sadness. Right up from the moment I pushed my nose on the glass, looking on as he went through customs until now as I lay in my bed alone in this huge empty apartment. Yes I know, I feel like I’ve been through these feelings already. Friends have reached out. I spent my evening watching a movie with two as a third wheel. And as I’m explaining in person all the reasons Damien wanted to leave, I realise I find it difficult to actually open up...

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