Author: Dee Nand

Feeling Lost? Where You Need To Go To Find Yourself

Feeling Lost? Where To Go To Find Yourself My bags are packed ready for this exciting holiday, I stood there alone in the line at check-in. When the lady at the counter asked me if someone else was with me, I burst out in tears shaking my head. I was completely heartbroken and had no idea which direction my life was heading. If you’re looking to find yourself, Ubud, Bali is where you need to be. This is a story about how Bali changed my life, and why it might just change yours too. How I Found Myself in Ubud, Bali I...

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Conquer Eating Salad Everyday (aka My Love/Hate Relationship With Salad)

EATING SALAD EVERYDAY (My Love/Hate Relationship With Salad) I’ve always hated salads with a passion. The cold sloppy-tasting grass makes me angry to consider eating at all, let alone every day. Little did I know, most people (including me) don’t know what a great-tasting salad tastes like. I was in for some schooling. How could people choose a salad when there’s so many amazing things on the menu. Fast forward to early 2016 in Bali Indonesia. I’m in Ubud, arguably the best place in the world for healthy eating. I look around at people choosing to eat salad and genuinely...

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How To Compromise In A Relationship To Get What You Want

HOW TO COMPROMISE IN A RELATIONSHIP TO GET WHAT YOU WANT This is a story about why my equal relationship failed. And how we compromised in the relationship to make it work. When I first started seeing my boyfriend Damien, I was adamant on everything being split evenly. I am an independent 21st century woman – of course everything would be equally shared. Meals were split 50:50. House and living costs 50:50. Chores and tasks 50:50. Love and affection 50:50. I was meticulous about it and kept a running tab in our head. This naturally continued when we moved in together...

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