Author: Dee Nand

Here’s The Best Interpretation Of Your Dream Moods

DREAM CHEESE I had this weird dream a few nights ago. I was at my parents house and someone tells me that my ex boyfriend is somewhere around. I look around the house and don’t see him anywhere. I think to myself, he must’ve left – except then I see a car outside that must be his. I wonder to myself why he didn’t come say hi to me. I know we had coffee years earlier where we talked it out and got the closure. So there shouldn’t be any weirdness right? As I ask myself this question, I...

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The Goals In Life You Need To Make

Have you created your goals in life for 2018? Maybe it’s a New Year’s Resolution. Maybe It’s a vision board. Maybe it’s just ideas and thoughts about what you want to accomplish. I’ve tried all of these and as much as I dislike poo-pooing other people’s ideas, all I’ll say is that none of these work for me. I forget about NY Resolutions. I stop looking at vision boards like a good view. After the first few times, it becomes same old to me. And of course ideas and thoughts of what I want to accomplish changes so much...

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Cheating Confessions That Will Give You Faith In Relationships

Cheating Confessions Part 1: A few years ago, I cheated on my boyfriend Damien. We had done the open relationship route before but this was a definite betrayal. I lied, I hid things and I chose to be selfish. All because I was at a crossroads in my life and wasn’t sure which way I wanted to go. He found out. He was hurt – badly. He tried to bury it and move on. This turned into debilitating panic attacks. I in turn was confused and wasn’t sure what it was I wanted. I ended up leaving him at...

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What They Don’t Tell You About The Location Independent Lifestyle

I’ve been travelling full time for over 3 years now. I suppose I can firmly call myself a digital nomad. A location independent person. Although I’m still feeling restless. Those that have never travelled this long will have no idea what I’m talking about. In fact, I probably sounds ungrateful. Or not aware of how lucky I am to be able to do this. Many friends have asked how. The life of travel is the best feeling there is, they imagine. How can you still feel unsatisfied? You see instagram pictures and imagine travel as being the holy grail....

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The Addiction Cycle That Affects Literally Everyone

I’M AN ADDICT Back in 2009 was the first time I met my then-boyfriend’s parents. Needless to say I was nervous. I’d never formally met parents before and wasn’t sure how to behave. When we arrived, I remember them being warm and friendly. Dinner was roasted meat and vegetables. I remember taking more than I should have and not being sure if I should force myself to eat it all. Which is hindsight was an omen. We made small talk – his parents asked me questions about university, work, my parents, nationality etc – all the normal stuff. I...

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