Author: Dee Nand

The Aziz Ansari Metoo Debate Is Seriously Disturbing

You know, I’m having a hard time understanding the direction this Aziz Ansari #metoo movement is heading towards. Not because I don’t fundamentally get what it’s about as a woman. But because I feel like where it’s heading is confusing… So it started with women accusing men in power for abusing it. This was great. I remember discussing it with my boyfriend Damien that it’s awesome – that it’s long overdue. That this needs to be talked about. That in order for change in how men and women interact sexually, there needs to be understanding. And that started happening....

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She Friend Zones Guys. Here’s Her Best Advice

In my line of work, I hear about the ‘friend zone’ a lot, especially in the dating industry. I get it – a lot of men are frustrated about not being able to break the barrier of romantic/sexual involvement. Especially when you really get to know a girl and like her – a lot. There’s frustration there, I understand. I’ve seen it with the single guys when I worked in dating education. And I’ve seen it with my many male friends over the years. Yes, the jokes and memes around the ‘friend zone’ are funny. And they speak to...

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Your Relationship Will Suffer Without These Relationship Goals

You know, I often think about the idea we all have of that one couple that have been together all their life and manage to still be in love. The ‘relationship goals’ couple. You know the couple I’m talking about – the old couple cuddling on a park bench that you may have seen one time. Or maybe your grandparents quietly eating breakfast together in so much comfort that no words need to be said. Whatever the idea we all have about relationships – we have this goal. To grow old together. To have someone on your death bed....

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Why Am I So Insecure?

There’s so much I want to do with my life. But I’m insecure… I’ve been trying to find my feet. It’s been 9 years since I left law school. And in that time, I’ve accomplished a bunch of things. Maybe more than most. Maybe not.. I can’t measure where I’m at in my life. Am I on the right track? Had I done the traditional thing, I would know where I am right now. Had I finished law school, started working at Gaden’s law firm as a solicitor, bought a house, gotten into investments, maybe marriage and kids… I...

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Mood Swings In Women, Sue Me

Ahh, my period. The mood swings in women… I thought I was growing out of the pain, the cramps and the vulnerability. Every other day, I feel motivated and excited to accomplish my goals. Today, I feel jealous. Jealous that I’m not a man. Every other day, I love my life. Today, I want to be someone else. It’s so frustrating. I’ve spent the last month creating habits. Going to gym. Writing. Heading to events, meeting people. I’ve felt healthier than I’ve been in ages. Then Damien, my boyfriend went back to Sydney and I feel the universe is...

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