Bali-Ubud – Important Information You Need To Know

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Things I wish I knew before I lived in this beautiful city.

Other Useful Information You’ll Need in UBUD

Visa Agent
A free 30 day visa is available at the airport for most countries.

If you want to stay 60 days, you need to pay around 400K for an extendable visa at the airport. This will give you 30 days in the country with an option to extend another 30 days before you need to leave. You’ll need a visa agent to organise your extension at 650K. You hand him your passport and he’ll message you when you need to go to the immigration office in Denpasar for fingerprinting.

If you want to commit to 6 months in the country, you can get a social visa that allows you to stay for 6 months. You cannot leave during this time. Speak to your visa agent about this.

Visa Agent
Bali Lines – Jl hanuman No 52
Cost: 650K for visa extension
Phone #: 0812 3618810
Cheapest and best drinks (that’s not beer)
They do 2 for 1 happy hour that goes till 9pm. Their Arak is very good and a couple of those can get you very drunk. I have been amnesia-drunk a few times here after some epic events.

Cheapest and best Massage
Yeh Pulu Spa
It’s a tiny place with 4 beds but buy can the ladies massage. It only costs 100K per hour as well. Warning: super addictive.

Birthday cake
The chocolate mousse cake is absolutely amazing.

Medical Centre
Ubud Clinic
Very professional and they also do house calls at 600K per visit.

Indonesian Sim Card/Phone number
There’s a bunch of cheap places to get a sim card around Jalan Raya near Arjuna statue. You can expect to pay around 50K for a sim card and around 100K for call credits/data.

Health Warnings
Dengue fever is very common and can keep you bed-ridden for weeks. Have mosquito repellant on you at all times. And if you do get it, papaya leaf juice works (but tastes repulsive). A new vaccine has recently come onto the market and worth talking to a doctor about.


Where To Get More Info

You can ask the Ubud community for anything you need help with. They’re generally super helpful

Ubud Community


Ubud Connect


Ubud Positive Community


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