When I first started going into business, I made a lot of mistakes.

Lost a lot of money.

Especially on business coaches.

As most business owners do.

Over time, you learn from your mistakes and strive.

But you’re always a bit salty about how much you had to lose.

That money could have gone into things that could have made us richer now.

Or fun things that could have made us happy.

I understand I paid for the education.

I get it…

I needed to learn the lessons.

But after 9 years, I’m starting to wonder if making huge mistakes as a new entrepreneur is actually a necessary step.

Hear me out…

Traditionally, if you wanted to do well quickly as an entrepreneur, you would hire a business coach or mentor to guide you.

This is okay…

But you’re essentially still on your own.

Because most coaches/mentors give you a couple of hours a month to tell you what to do and leave it in your court to figure out the rest.

I have always struggled with this.

Firstly, coaches cost a lot of money a new business doesn’t have. Most coaches charge thousands for their input.

And secondly, they get paid at flat rate regardless so why does it really matter to them financially how much success the business has.

I’ve tried it a few times but it never felt right.

Because of this, I thought a mastermind group has been the best thing since sliced bread.

But I was wrong.

A mastermind group is a bunch of entrepreneurs that meet and help each other out.

This works great if you’re an experienced business person like myself.

But if you’re a new entrepreneur that doesn’t feel like you have any experience & input to offer, you’re unlikely to join a mastermind or even be accepted.

This leaves the new entrepreneur out in the cold.

Having to consume information on their own through books, podcasts, courses, coaches etc.

And if we learn one thing as experienced entrepreneurs:

It’s that there’s a lot of wrong information out there.

And it takes a lot of experience to weed the bad from the good.

So the new entrepreneur is figuring it all out on his own.

Is that really necessary?

I’m not convinced.

I think there’s no reason there isn’t a service that helps entrepreneurs by actually getting involved in the business.

  • Spending quality time in areas such as:
  • Developing the business plan
  • Validating that the idea can be profitable
  • Helping motivate & push past limiting beliefs
  • Scaling the business
  • Time management and emotions
  • Outside the box ideas
  • Sharing insider tactics & tools

Surely this can be done.

I know because I’ve done this many times with clients, friends, family and partners.

It’s not about telling the entrepreneur what to do but really helping them create and execute solutions.

To get in the trenches and hold the newbie’s hand through it all.

Great help is that feeling of having your parachute open.

You’re falling into unknown depths, scared out of your mind but the parachute suddenly opens and you breathe.

Sure the parachute still has to land and there’s some apprehension, but you can trust that you’re going to be okay.

This is the feeling good help should be.

How amazing would that be for small businesses all over the world?

To get this level of care.

Sure I can see critics thinking that new entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of money to spend.

And that’s true.

But they are investable…

There should be a way to make money as the business grows.

So that it’s in everyone’s financial interest for the business to do well.

The service would charge very little originally in the expectation that the service gets compensated once the business is running.

This way there’s very little financial burden on the new business for help.

Why doesn’t something like this exist already?

I know it’s easy for an experienced person to come into a new business and make things happen.

It’s even easier for them to pinpoint what to fix and where the new entrepreneur needs to do next.

I’ve been thinking about this for days and wondering if I should start doing this.

To create the movement.

Since I’m looking for a new project.

And I spend a lot of time consulting for others in this exact way.

Actively thinking about their business and solving problems with them.

And I’ve loved it.

Not just because I got to help people get to where they want to be.

But because I also got to help some amazing women become business-minded.

To me, that was the best part.

To empower ladies to become big thinkers.

But before I even consider it, tell me…

Would this be something that would interest you? (or someone you know?)

If I charged something small like $350 a month for hands-on help as often as necessary.

And used an investment model which means the fee would likely double every year.

So that I can allow enough time for the business to grow.

And I spend at least 2 years working on the company for very little money.

So that I invest in the businesses doing well in the future, in the expectation that my own value will be compensated for in the future.

So there’s room to grow and the freedom to cancel or change direction if it’s not working.

Would it work?

Would I be spread thin at this amount of money?


But I’m willing to try it.

  • To do something cool.
  • To create a movement I want to see in the world.
  • To help businesses get off the ground that might otherwise fail.
  • To help new entrepreneurs to feel supported and less lonely.
  • To use my creativity and experience in new and exciting ways.
  • To create a family of entrepreneurs that care about one another succeeding.
  • To level up – personally and professionally.

And most importantly, to provide enough value that it far exceeds the small investment.

What do you think?

Do you think this service would work?

Do you have a business idea you’re interested in pursuing?

Are you stuck and need help?

If you think this idea is great, let me know

Or share it with those looking to start a business.

Apply here – I would only take a maximum of 10 clients until I smooth out the process.

And hire more help.

I’m excited about this. You too?