Have you created your goals for 2018?

Maybe it’s a New Year’s Resolution.

Maybe It’s a vision board.

Maybe it’s just ideas and thoughts about what you want to accomplish.

I’ve tried all of these and as much as I dislike poo-pooing other people’s ideas, all I’ll say is that none of these work for me.

I forget about NY Resolutions.

I stop looking at vision boards like a good view. After the first few times, it becomes same old to me.

And of course ideas and thoughts of what I want to accomplish changes so much that I forget what I wanted in the first place.

There has been one thing that’s worked for me without a lot of work.

This is picking a date in the future and writing about what my life looks like.

For me, one year from now is too far away.

So I pick 6 months.

And divide it into sections that are important to me.

I wrote this down today for the next 6 months.

AUGUST 1 2018

It’s August 1st 2018 and this is what my life looks like

I am continuing to go to gym 3-5 times a week. I am enjoying gym and continuing to push myself incrementally as my body will allow. My body is at a good size that I can wear whatever I like and not have to think about whether it looks good. Gym has firmly become my coping mechanism so I go there to avoid getting stressed and to have time to myself.

I am continuing to avoid desserts and refined sugar at all cost. I am an addict and I have not forgotten that. I eat glutinous carbs for a meal only sparingly – if I’m at an event or if there’s something I’m reallyyy craving. But it’s only one meal and it’s only when I feel absolutely deprived, which is rarely. Having said this, I’m enjoying healthy food more and often crave this more than bad food. The vitamins I’m continuing to take everyday are really helping with the cravings and generally feeling good.

I have spent the last few months learning about product development and getting into inventing. In a month’s time, the prototype and video will be complete and I will be ready to kickstarter the project and get into manufacturing. The anxiety and apprehension I feel about getting into a completely new industry is mostly gone as I have learnt as much as I possibly can.

Damien and I have settled well into the Gold Coast and have made some great friends. We play Werewolf and other board games regularly. We are also spending our weekends going to open houses and seeing if we want to buy a home by the end of 2018.

Damien and my relationship continues to be stable without the rollercoaster and we are ready to make a stable home soon. We don’t spend any time worrying about one another and largely spend our days focused on work and creating non-lumpy stable income. We spend evenings together having dinner and hanging out before it’s back to work time for me.

I now spend a lot more time nurturing old relationships via Skype. I have loved connecting with friends/family all over the world and it makes me feel less lonely. Some friends/family have also visited and lived with us here which has been fun and exciting.

I am continuing to aim to write daily. I have created a good following of friends that read my stuff and I’m happy about that. This has become my release and a way that I can continue to connect with those far away from me.

Today and every day in the last 6 months, I think about one thing I’m grateful for and write it down. This has allowed me to focus on the moment and remember the things in my life that are good, not on things I am yet to accomplish. This has allowed me to appreciate my life in ways I forget to.

It doesn’t take long to do and gives me a full overview of the important things in my life.

I read this aloud to myself every morning.

It’s worked for me in the past, as long as I’ve done this.

We’ll see how it goes this time.

If you want, join me with your own list of future events.

Let’s see how quickly we can make change happen.

I’m curious…