Here’s What It Takes To Travel The World Permanently – And Become A Digital Nomad

A lot of people tell me they want to travel the world like me. They dream of living in different places and experiencing life to the full.

The truth is most people have no idea how.

In this article I’m going to talk about what you need to do.

How seriously you take these qualities will be the difference between:

  • You ever taking the step at all to become a digital nomad
  • You becoming a digital nomad but running out of money to support yourself so you go home
  • You travelling the world as a worry-free digital nomad

Each step along the way takes a lot of guts.

Digital Nomads think outside the box


Nomads that take the step to travel permanently aren’t worried about:

  • The cushy job
  • The white picket fence life
  • What other people will say
  • How it’s going to hurt their career
  • Settling down

They want to have the best life possible. They can see other people like them rejecting the norm and going out to experience exciting things long term. They want to be a part of that.

Digital Nomads are resourceful


By making their goal to have the best life possible and no longer held back by society’s expectations, nomads learn to be resourceful.

They learn how to solve problems.

Problems like:

  • How can I make money and travel?
  • How can I get the cheapest travels deals?
  • What happens when something goes wrong?

Successful nomads know that there’s always a way.

Here are 2 ways you can start today:

  1. You can volunteer at places around the world for free room and food.
  2.  You can freelance online.

I know you’re instantly thinking you don’t have any skills.

  • Can you speak and write good english? You can teach.
  • Are you able to listen to audio and write down what you hear? You can be a transcriber.
  • Can you use Google to find out information? You can be a researcher.
  • Can you type? You can do office administration.

Take a second to think about what skills you have. Write down what you do on a day-to-day basis.

Whether it’s gaming, taking photos, video, writing – whatever it is, you can sell that skill and make money.

Even if you don’t have many skills, there’s no harm in charging $5 an hour until you can get the skill right.

Most employers will be amazed to communicate with an english speaking person at that rate so they’re more likely be very patient with you as you figure it all out.

And don’t worry about undercharging. You need very little to survive in most countries. Take advantage of it to build up many skills.

Where to go to sell that skill? Freelance websites like Upwork & Freelancer.

How do I get employers to hire me? figure it out. Google it. Learn how to sell yourself.

Digital Nomads are rational


This skill makes the most difference between naive travellers and permanent travellers. You need to plan for how you’re going to survive and thrive as a nomad.

  • Do you have an idea where you’re going to be travelling? (last minute tickets cost a lot).
  • Do you have enough money to give you leeway if something goes wrong?
  • Can you work hard to make money whilst you have money in the bank? This is generally the hardest task because you want to have fun, not slave away at a desk in a different country.

The truth is that nomads might share some great photos to show off but most of the time they’re working on their laptop, just like me.

The biggest difference is:

  1. They often live in a warm place with a much more relaxed lifestyle, where people are much happier and want to connect.
  2. They can get a lot more with less money – beautiful houses, a housekeeper, pool, event tickets, restaurants, experiences – you name it.
  3. They have more meaningful friendships and experiences meeting other people living life to the full.
  4. They’re able to save money with a better lifestyle.
  5. They can see some epic scenery close by in their downtime.
  6. They have the freedom to make their own work hours.


There are so many rewards to being a nomad but it’s not a permanent vacation where you’re partying every night and tanning all day. It’s a lifestyle that requires work.

Work that creates happiness.

Only the diligent get to have it long term. And most people will never get to live this life sadly.