Hubud & Other Coworking Spaces in Bali

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A coworking space is a goldmine of expats working online remotely.

Whether you work remotely or not, you want to know where coworking spaces are to quickly make friends.


Best Coworking Space in Ubud, Bali

We made a list of things that didn’t feel fair and started communicating:

#1 – Outpost


Why you should work at Outpost
Outpost is by far the best coworking space to get work done. It has a large air-conditioned space, comfy office chairs, fabulous views and access to an epic pool next door. This place isn’t too busy so you can actually get some work done.

What’s bad about this place?
Outpost is fairly new so they’re still getting set up. The community is small but very friendly.

Cost: $199 USD (smaller packages available)

#2 – Hubud
Why you should work at Hubud
If you look online you’ll fine mentions of Hubud everywhere as a top notch remote place to work. There’s a huge community of digital nomads here and the community is buzzing. They hold heaps of awesome events such as beer pong tournaments, hackathon weekends and skillshare talks.

What’s bad about this place?
Hubud has no A/C except for meeting rooms which are unavailable to members a lot. Also because the community is so large, you can find yourself getting distracted easily. I got very little work done as a result.

Cost: 370K (275 USD) (smaller packages available)

#3 – Roam
Why you should work at Roam
Roam is a co-living/coworking space. It allows entrepreneurs to live and work at the same place. If you want to land in Bali and just start working right away without having to worry about accommodation, this is your place.

What’s bad about this place?
I think the concept is awesome but the cost is too high. At $2000 AUD per month, all you really get is a small hotel room with the coworking space. That’s way more than my monthly expense in Bali which includes accommodation, food, coworking space and events. That amount makes sense in a western country – no startup company could justify paying that in Bali unless they need to move around within Roam coworking spaces in different countries.

Cost: 1800 USD

Bonus – Mastermind Group

Why you should join a mastermind group
When I wanted to be held accountable on my productivity, I created a mastermind group. We meet everyday for lunch for an hour and we talk about what we’ve done, what we’re going to do and we ask for help on what we’re working on. It’s a very supportive environment and this blog wouldn’t be possible without it.

What’s bad about it?
It’s more time consuming than most busy people like and you have to create it yourself. Committing to a group means showing up for other people and making it a priority. It also means there might be people in your group you don’t like. I’ve only had that experience once and thankfully, the person left before it became much of an issue.

Cost: Free (learn more here)

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