Werewolves, Aliens & Vampires converge into a sleepy village. The Villagers must work together to kill them all.

62 Printable cards, 94 Tokens & 4 Rule Pages

One Night Ultimate Werewolf
One Night Ultimate Daybreak
One Night Ultimate Vampire
One Night Ultimate Alien

Villagers VS Werewolves

Werewolves are living among the villagers and masquerading as a humble villager. Can the village catch the Werewolves before they take over the town?

The ONUW Game

Weird beings are invading your quaint little village. Your job should you choose to accept, is to find these sons of guns and kill them.

Unless of course you turn into a weird being yourself in which case you must stay alive at all cost!

Why You Should Play One Night Ultimate Werewolf

I love love love this game so much for many reasons

  1. It’s quick – Games are around 15 minutes so you don’t get bored.
  2. Every game is different – You need to keep switching up your strategy constantly
  3. It’s great to getting to know people – Everyone lies, deceives and manipulates so you learn about people quickly. Friendships form easily.
  4. Everyone gets to play – The game doesn’t require a Game master as the App handles everything so no one misses out on the game play.
  5. Perfect for travel – The cards are easy to carry and brings people together at hostels, buses or new groups of people.

The Problem With The Official Game

I love this game but there were a few problems that made the official game hard to play:

  1. It’s not Newbie friendly – The roles are not described on the cards and beginners are forced to remember which roles do what right from the beginning.
  2. It’s not travel friendly – The cards come in big boxes which make it difficult to travel with
  3. You can’t play straight away – There’s no options to download and play right now for the eager beavers and for those living in countries where mail cannot be received easily, there’s no options for them to play.
  4. It’s not easy to learn – The rules are not well explained and beginners need to spend more time understanding rules than necessary.

So I Created The Unofficial Cards

  1. They have instructions of the role on them so beginners don’t need to remember so much.
  2. Cards can be printed out and played with right now – no more waiting.
  3. Rules are easy to follow and you can play as you learn.
  4. Cards can be easily kept on hand whenever a social occasion calls for it. You’ll be a hit with this game.

And even if I say so myself, these cards look pretty great too.

Shout me a coffee and get the whole game

It took me a long time to design and outline the whole game in a way that’s easy and simple for anyone to start playing.

You can start playing now and if you appreciate these cards like I do, buy me a meal to get the whole collection to print and play straight away ($16).

I warn you this game is fast and addictive. You’ll love it.

Enjoy!  – And let me know how you go playing with these cards. I’ve spent the last 2 years travelling and have made Werewolf a weekly social necessity in Bali, Thailand and Columbia.

May your battle with the Villagers, Werewolves, Vampires & Aliens be fruitful.

Villagers VS Magical Werewolves

Villagers VS Vampires

Villagers VS Aliens

EPIC BATTLES (Villagers VS Werewolves VS Vampires VS Aliens)