One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt recently is the value of patience.

Especially with business.

  • My first product business idea failed because I didn’t want to save up money to buy tooling for manufacturing.
  • My second business sky-rocketed and made great profits within 3 months. But it never got much bigger after that and I lost interest.
  • My third online directory business cost a lot of money and failed because I lost interest.
  • I wrote a book in 19 days that won bronze medal in a UK book prize but never went anywhere because I worked so hard developing it that I had no bandwidth left for marketing.
  • I started an event business that made amazing profits straight away. I quit after a few months and hated every second of it.

After all this I became emotionally exhausted.

I needed some time off.

I took 7 months off to find myself and realised how bloody impatient I really am.

I created a tendency to get super excited about a new business idea, work super hard and do well for the first few months. Then I’d get burnt out and couldn’t bring myself to get anything done after that.

Then I’d move onto the idea and the cycle continued.

I was frustrated.

I’ve made money in the short-term but never found the kind of long-term success I was really looking forward to.

I always made plans for the next 3 months but never wanted to commit to my future. Everything I tried was great for the first few months, then it got hard and I walked away.

  • I needed to learn about patience.
  • I needed to learn to make plans for the next few years, not months.
  • I needed to be doing something I could enjoy doing in my future.
  • I needed to create something that would grow with me as I change.

Enter this blog.

I’ve been working on this blog for nearly a year and I’m amazed that I’m still loving it. I can see myself doing this for years to come. And I make no claims to be an expert on anything so there’s always room for me to talk about whatever I want.

I want this blog to grow with me through whatever my next business ventures are.

I want to do it properly and give my audience something to think about.

I want it to be about the topics I care about, not about making money.

And all of this takes patience.

And in the 5 months this blog has been live, the metrics speak for itself. The blog has grown organically to nearly 5K visitors a month. That pretty impressive for a new blog.

Once I start monetising, the money will definitely come.

I’ll be honest, patience is hard.

I want to make money now and work my butt off getting everything done.

But I know I’ll burn out.

Patience means:

  • Waiting for long-term gain instead of get rich quick returns
  • Doing things properly instead of cutting corners to meet deadlines that will hurt you in the long run
  • Delaying gratification today for bigger gratification in the future.

All things I’ve never been good at before.

It’s hard not to get carried away. But one thing at a time, I remind myself.

I have to enjoy this or I’ll have to start all over again.

And I desperately don’t want that.