A house can get very small if you’re living in one bedroom. I learnt this the hard way.

My boyfriend and I have lived together for 7 years. In the last year, we decided to trial separate bedrooms because I suspected he was the reason I was sleeping badly (he rolls around a lot). We initially weren’t too excited about the idea because you know; the affection, cuddling and whatnot before bed was important to us.

We decided to trial it for a month. After 1 week, we could see how awesome separate living situations were and we never looked back.

We started getting better sleep – Neither of us had any idea how we get disrupted by each other during sleep. Waking up tired and not knowing why has a snowball effect

We were able to control temperature – My boyfriend loves having the room icy cold whereas I like it warm and cozy. This was a huge issue for us ongoing until we had separate bedrooms

We longer disrupted each other – My boyfriend wakes up earlier and disrupts my sleep. He also has to tip-toe around me and make sure he’s not making any noise

We now enjoy spending time with each other – When you’re in the same house, you stop appreciating each other’s company because it’s always there. But when you have your own space, you start enjoying hanging out with one another.

We have more alone time – Relationships have a lot of friction because there’s no alone time. If you don’t have your own space, it can be a constant low-level irritation that can create resentment in the relationship.

We still spend time cuddling, hanging out and having sex, it’s just the sleep/work aspect happens separately.

And goodness how big of a difference it has made in our relationship.