Struggling With Completing Things? Join An Online Mastermind Group


I’ve always struggled with sticking at anything.

I’m going to show you how I’ve been able to be consistently productive without killing myself.

I’m the type of person that can get super obsessive about things. I’ll work hard, stay awake until 5am, have lucid dreams about what I’m working on and get a ridiculous amount of stuff done.

Then after 3 months, I crash. I can’t seem to get myself out of bed or be productive at anything.

I get burned out to the point that I feel trauma thinking about those tasks.

It’s working like this that:

  • I managed to write a 80 000 word book in 19 days.
  • My first business managed to be in profit within 3 months.
  • I made $15 000 at the first event I ever held.

I know this all sounds super impressive but this is why I needed an online mastermind group…


When I think about these periods of my life, I feel the trauma of being burnt out. I wrote the book in 19 days because my birthday was on the 20th day and I wanted to have accomplished something before then.

But if I think about my birthday, my brain was so fried that I barely remember it. My friends threw me a surprise birthday party and I don’t remember much of what happened that night.

  • I was so traumatised by writing the book that I couldn’t focus on marketing it to make decent money, even though it had won awards.
  • I was so burnt out after making profit within 3 months that I never worked as hard to keep growing the business.
  • I was so focused on making money at the event where I made $15 000 that I didn’t have much bandwidth to focus on giving people a great experience.

I was so focused on my goal that I forgot about anything else until my life crashed.

I wanted to change…

I had always felt like I never saw anything to full completion.

I’d make money, then move on to the next thing.

It felt shit to be in this self sabotaging loop. I would never get anywhere if I kept doing this.

I decided to join a Mastermind group to get this fixed.


Online mastermind group

A mastermind group is a bunch of people who meet regularly to talk about what they’re working on and seek support, advice and ideas from others.

  • These people make you accountable to getting things done.
  • They have different skills and viewpoints to you that you’re able to draw on to get further.
  • They share their struggles and weaknesses so that you don’t feel so alone.

Many successful entrepreneurs attribute a mastermind group to the single best way they got success.

And I can see why:

If I’m doing something wrong, they’ll tell me – Often we’ll have differing opinions that allows lively discussions on the best way to do things. This can save so much time in the long run.

I have a bunch of people who can make me accountable. – Looking a bunch of people in the eye and being accountable to them allows me to get stuff done. I could no longer keep putting things off.

These people give me honest feedback – In a world where most people will tell me what they think I want to hear, this is the best part of a mastermind.

People will tell me if they don’t like something. The honesty is so refreshing.

These people celebrate my wins with me – Doesn’t matter how small or big these wins are. It can as small as ‘I only watched TV for one hour today’ to ‘I made lots of money’ and everything in between.

This group is there with me every step of the way so they know how important these wins are to me and they’re more than happy to celebrate.

These people support me when I’m struggling – Everybody struggles at some point. What’s important is a safe place to get the support I need and to feel understood.

We have cried in these groups at the frustrations we feel sometimes. And others have talked about how they’ve gone through exactly the same things.

It’s amazing to feel validated and not alone in these times.

Other members have gone through a particularly difficult relationship breakup and their conversations were about moving forward and letting go.

Another member’s issue was about limiting beliefs around making money.

People tend to separate personal lives with business like if you concentrate hard enough, you’ll get success. This is stupid.

What’s happening around your personal life has a huge impact on how successful you’ll become. It doesn’t make sense to separate them.

Good masterminds allow this to coexist.

These people are generous with their time – Everyone has very different skill sets and what’s amazing is when we are able to share skills in a way that compliments everyone.

One member shared her expertise to another member struggling with anxiety.

Two members were able to help another member create a funny, high quality video for his youtube channel.

All members share their resources when they can – courses, information, anything they find valuable and pertinent to helping someone.

These people become family – The more time we spend, the more we become family.

Some members have moved around countries together and we even had a member stay with us for a few days in Chiang Mai, Thailand when she was looking for a place.

This has become especially important to us as we’re so far away from family, travelling all over the world.

How my online mastermind group works


Most mastermind groups meet weekly but for us, we meet daily. I wanted it that way to really amp up my accountability and productivity.

Most people think it’s a huge time commitment when they start with us but quickly realise how much they can get done by being accountable daily.

Here’s how it works for us:

Our mastermind is a ‘productivity’ mastermind.


We meet every weekday from Mon-Fri for a 1 hour meeting at 1pm via Skype.

Every day you have a few minutes to talk about what you’ve done in the last 24 hours and how you’re going (for accountability and support).

Every day one person is in the hotseat.

This means that they get approx. 40 minutes to talk about their business and enlist our time for help with anything they want – we as a group give out advice, help and support to this person.

The last 5 minutes is what we’re going to commit to for tomorrow.

We have a maximum of 5 people in the mastermind at any one time so that each person can get in-depth help weekly.

This is the format.


1.) Lateness and leaving early isn’t acceptable. We are showing up for the group so that the group shows up for us. Meetings must be a priority.

2.) Missing meetings for other commitments/priorities isn’t acceptable as a general rule. In either of the above cases, folks need to submit requests to be late or miss a meeting to the group a week in advance.

This demonstrates intention and support. Others in the group can plan around a known missed day to make sure that the rest of the group shows up.

3.) Illness: certainly there is no preventing or avoiding illness and there is no intention to hold people accountable for being sick. And clearly we are each the fair arbiter of when we are not in a condition to attend.

However, from a purely logistical standpoint, it is instituted that if folks miss 5 or more days of the group then they should exit the group – both for their own healing process, and to make sure that attendance at meetings remains strong.

Relaying these expectations upfront allows everyone to relax into the group.

We have had issues with members not getting along but it hasn’t lasted long enough for specific rules to be placed. I suggest doing an extra rule that says if two members cannot get along, the newest member will be asked to leave.

The last thing you need is to manage other people. This mastermind is about you first and foremost. Never let politics get in the way of your own productivity.

How to join an online mastermind

The biggest problem with a mastermind is you need to create one. Paid masterminds are not nearly as effective.

Here’s a simple template I used to create my first one in Ubud, Bali.

I’d like to create a mastermind group for [productivity, blogging – whatever].

Here’s how I see it working:

  1. We meet [daily,weekly] for one hour at [time] over [skype,in-person].
  2. We provide accountability, help, support and ideas to each other.
  3. We have a maximum of [5] people in the group. 

I have a lot of experience in [skill] that I’m happy to share and I’d love to have a group of people go on a new journey with me. 

PM me if you’re ready to start now. 


Put this up to your friends, to any Facebook group in your area and to any mastermind groups around. You’re bound to have some interest.

When people contact you, send them a clear guideline of the rules and ask them to commit.

Once commitment has taken place, negotiate a time to start and Voila – You’re ready to go!

Let me know your experiences with mastermind and if there’s anything I should add to make a mastermind even better.