Being taught that women can do anything has created pressure to do everything.
  • Running a household and career
  • Being the good cook
  • A good CEO
  • Keeping your man happy
  • Your body fit
It’s exhausting just thinking about it.
Something has to give. And it always does.
I feel like for years all I’ve done is push myself:
  • Went to gym everyday and pushed me to do it
  • Run a half marathon
  • Fasted for a week
  • Vegan for 2 years
  • Push myself to create businesses
  • Spent too much money on the house/car etc

And you would think that all of that stuff would make me happy.

Nope. I was miserable for most of these. I pushed myself too hard because I thought these things NEEDED to happen.

Why did they need to happen?

I wanted to be healthy but hold on – Isn’t mental health and happiness more important than pushing myself to do things I’ve decided is necessary.

Isn’t life supposed to be fun?

Yes I know that physical health is important – But do I need to push myself so hard to achieve these things?

I know that the health industry is telling me I should.

But I know how it goes. I push myself for a few months until I can’t do it any longer; like most normal people.

I get burnt out and just can’t do it anymore until a few months later when I start the cycle again.

That’s not healthy.

There must be a middle ground.

Just because I CAN push myself doesn’t mean I SHOULD.

I’ve decided I’m saying NO to things that don’t serve me long-term, regardless of what society says is good for me.

I’m going to do what makes me happy.

I’m going to take my time with everything – I’m not going to push too hard so that I can get to where I want to be and enjoy the journey.

I want to create good healthy habits long term.

No more pressure.