Ubud Hotels – How To Find Cheap Accommodation

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This blog post is all about finding the best accommodation whilst spending the least money.

Some places you can find are amazing hotels in Ubud – at a fraction of the price

How to Find Cheap Accommodation

One you decide which area you want to live, you can look at short/long-term rentals.

Here are the 3 best ways:

# 1 – Look online

There’s a lot of Facebook groups you can join and see what’s available
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House For Rent In Ubud Bali 

#2 – Drive around and ask

Drive around the area and ask Balinese people in your desired area if there’s any places for rent. Most of the time this works and can get you a great deal. I got a great deal on the house we stayed because I had a friend that was leaving a great place and put me in touch with his landlord. Asking people in people tends to pay off big time.

#3 – Research via booking platforms such as Airbnb

This is great for high season when not much is available. This allows me to see which hotels are not full and I can go there in person to see if I can get a good deal.
Also mass-emailing places you like and asking them for a deal works too, especially if you want to move in right away. I generally email about 15 hosts on Airbnb and get great deals on around 4 places.

Here’s a quick template:

Hi [name],

Is this villa available for rent monthly for long term?

We’re expats living in Ubud and have a budget of [amount] monthly and your place seems awesome.

Kind regards,

I tend to make an offer around 1/3 of the asking price. I’ve been a host of a few properties and I understand that I’d rather have someone in even at cost for reviews than to have the place sitting empty. This is why I always negotiate before buying. Most hosts will send you another offer that’s better than the asking price. See if it works for you and if it doesn’t – move on. Do this enough times and you’ll find a sweet deal.


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