Top 12 Werewolf Strategies You Need To Know

Winning as a Werewolf is hard. Most people are generally not on your side.


Find below some must-have strategies in your tool belt


Hint: How do you use other people’s logic against them to win? The Logic Fake-out Strategy tells all.

You pick up the card in front of you and *gulp* you’ve got a shifty card.

It’s a:

  • Werewolf/Alien/Vampire Card
  • Helper of the Werewolf/Alien/Vampire Card such as the Minion
  • Or you’re on your own team (Tanner etc)

You put it back down straight away and think hard about how you’re going to play this and win.

You suddenly become very aware of everyone’s eyes on you.

Your heart is beating faster and you look around trying to feign suspicion on others.

The great thing about this game is played on the ‘balance of probability’. This means you don’t need to stop being suspicious. You just need to be less suspicious than someone else.

This element of the game allows for mistakes without you getting automatically killed.

Here’s a list of some awesome sneaky Werewolf advice and strategies:

1. Wildcard strategy

Start by claiming to be one role, then change it to be another and another until no one believes anything you say.

People won’t know what to make of it and you’ll most likely be too much of a wildcard to kill.

Are you a minion? or Tanner? or Werewolf? The village will have no idea.

Be aware though that this is an abnoxious strategy and bound to piss people off if used to much. But then again, pissing people off might be the best way to play this strategy.

2. Logic fake-out strategy

If someone poses an argument why you could be a sneaky role, agree with it.

Get involved in seeing that rationale to it’s conclusion as if you are a villager.

Never get defensive at the accusation but poke holes in the logic as to why it’s unlikely you are a shifty role.

3. Shifty seer strategy

Never allow the Seer to be easily verified when you have a sneaky role because the Seer has quite a lot of power and can verify your claims as lies.

The Seer can see two roles in the centre and therefore has way more knowledge of who has which roles than anyone else.

So it’s crucial you don’t allow the true Seer to be believed right away because he/she can unravel your game.

Therefore in the beginning say something like ‘Why did you have that smirk in the beginning?’ or ‘For some reason I don’t believe you are a Seer’ or ‘You might be the only Werewolf and saw the Seer card in the centre’.

This lines you up to make your claims later on.

This strategy is crucial to your game play if you are the only Werewolf and have seen a role in the centre you can claim to be.

4. Chameleon strategy

Change up strategies so that people can’t rely on how you’d react to every situation.

Be vocal sometimes and quiet sometimes.

Remember what people say is their ‘gut feeling’ about you and change it up in every game.

Remind people how they were wrong about you in previous games or remind others how they believed someone when it turned out they were lying.

5. Trust first strategy

For general good game-play, aim to get yourself trusted first.

With any sneaky role, the first thing to do is to try and be believed as early as possible.

This is how you can control the group into voting the way you want. Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people miss this.

6. ‘You got me’ strategy

Come out as a sneaky role right off the bat.

Claim to be a Minion/Werewolf if you’re a Tanner or Vice Versa.

If you have big kahoonas, tell the truth and admit to everyone that you are the werewolf.

People don’t know what to make of it.

You can act like you’re too much of a wildcard and use this to get votes away from you.

7.  Suicide Bomber Minion strategy

A lot of people struggle with how to play the Minion in the beginning.

I see it as ‘suicide bomber where anything goes as long as you try’.

You win even if you die so there’s no harm in throwing strategies and seeing if they stick.

  • Make people to think you’re a werewolf
  • Try to let the Werewolves know you’re on their side
  • Claim to be a werewolf, get involved in being suspicious of others

Whatever you do is great. Just do something. Sitting back and doing nothing (some beginners do this) puts the werewolf team at a huge disadvantage.

8. Body language fake-out strategy

Make it seem like you’re in cahoots with someone by getting caught winking at them or smiling too much at another player.

Wait for someone to catch you and play along, denying you did anything.

Work hard so that suspicion will fall on the villager with you getting accused of being the Minion.

9. Two Werewolves faking Masons strategy

Early on in the game, claim that you and the other werewolf are Masons.

At least one other person will advise you of lying and this is where you get to work trying to convince others you and the other Werewolf are the rightful Masons.

Be warned that this strategy doesnt work if the true Masons are new players as the group is more likely to believe them over you.

10. Two Werewolves faking Robber strategy

One Werewolf can claim to be the Robber and claim to rob the other Werewolf’s card.

You then say which village role you ‘verify’ the other Werewolf as having.

Remember that someone will most likely pipe up and object to you having their role in which case you need to work to be believed.

This strategy is great for a Minion to let a Werewolf know that they’re on the Werewolf side.

The Minion says something like, ‘I was the Robber and I took his (Werewolf’s) card and he was the Drunk’.

Hopefully the true Drunk pipes up and objects so that the Werewolf thinks you might be the Minion.

Otherwise if the Werewolf believes you are the true Robber, he might think he’s on the Villager team and rat your team out.

11. Werewolves mouthing roles to each other strategy

This is an iffy strategy and not strictly outside the rules although frowned upon and can create a weird added dynamic in the game where no one can be believed.

When you open your eyes to see the other Werewolf, mouth a role to the other werewolf such as ‘Drunk’ and when you open your eyes, claim to be the Robber.

Point to the other Werewolf and claim to verify that person’s role.

State that you’ll both count to three and you’ll both say his role out loud.

Then you both declare ‘Drunk’ and ask the group how you could do that without being the true Robber?

Sit back and watch the true Robber and Drunk get confused as to what happened.

12. Two Werewolves faking Troublemaker strategy

Open your eyes and claim you were the Troublemaker and swapped the other Werewolf’s card with someone else.

The other Werewolf appears doubtful for a while, then ‘admits. ‘Yeah i was the werewolf and now the other person’s the Werewolf’.

Meanwhile, nothing has been moved by you this whole time and everyone kills the wrong person.


Try all of these out. Most of these have made for some epic games that people still talk about to this day.

Are there more you can think of? Let me know below and I’ll add it it with a big shout out to you!